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Astride is a free competencies assessment tool that helps you to identify your skill gaps and explore your potential.
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Effortless Assessment Journey

Dive into a quick and enjoyable assessment experience specifically tailored for IT professionals. Navigating your skills has never been this enjoyable.

Job Role Navigation

Utilize our Job Role Explorer to discover potential job roles that align perfectly with your abilities. Find your place in the ever-changing IT landscape without any guesswork.

In-Depth Skill Gap Analysis

Benefit from our insightful skill gap analysis report. It carefully identifies your skills gaps, giving you the knowledge to stay relevant and competitive in your IT career.

Action-Ready Recommendations

Get clear, actionable suggestions that guide you towards your next steps. Equip yourself with the right advice to plot out your career route effectively and confidently.

Astride gave a distinctive and descriptive analysis of my strengths, suggestions of suitable roles, and also a matching score. It helped me understand what I should be learning to land to next job. Yes, Astride tells you more!

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Dhivya Swaminathan
Consultant at Infosys

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