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01. Start Your Tech Skills Assessment

Dive into your tech career journey with Astride, and start your customised skills assessment today. Indicate your desired job role and industry, and Astride will guide you through a comprehensive skills assessment tailored just for you.

02. Unveil Your Tech Competencies

Through Astride's Custom Insights Report, uncover the nuances of your career trajectory in the tech industry. This detailed report offers an in-depth analysis of your tech competency levels, showcasing your strengths, improvement areas, and how you stack up against the job roles in your sights.

03. Create an Account and Unlock Custom Insights

Take your professional growth into your hands by setting-up your Astride account. Gain unrestricted access to our suite of innovative career development tools. From recommendations for IT certifications tailored to your skills, to the possibility of comparing your competencies to diverse tech roles, with Astride, the possibilities for growth are limitless.
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Three tailored plans to suit your needs!

Quick Scan

About 5 min to complete

Are you now working as an IT professional and wondering how well you match with your current role? Are you struggling with what skills to learn for improvement? This plan is for you!

Do a Quick Scan

Transition Compass

About 7-10 min to complete

Do you already have a target job role you are eager to pivot into? Are you wondering where to start and what to learn to realize the transition? This plan is for you!

Find Your Way

Career Guidance

About 20 min to complete

Exploring new career path options to advance your IT career or considering entering this exciting space? This is for you!

Get Guidance Now

Based on the e-CF

  • Robust Assessment Tool: The European Competency Framework (e-CF) is an industry-standard tool, used to classify +40 key competencies for ICT professionals. By leveraging this framework, Astride provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your skill set.
  • Career Development: e-CF provides a foundation for Astride's skills assessment. Its widespread adoption in the tech industry means the test results align with real-world expectations and requirements. This helps you accurately navigate your career path and plan next steps.
  • Level Up Your Skills: Using the e-CF's structured competency levels, Astride gives you clear indications of your strengths and areas for improvement. This insight, combined with our dynamic certification suggestions, helps you level up your skills strategically and efficiently.
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